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Our Business is to Understand your Problem

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Maker, Fragale & Di Costanzo, llp

Maker, Fragale & Di Costanzo have been proudly serving the Westchester County community, the five boroughs of New York City, Dutchess County, Rockland County and Putnam County for many years. We are extremely proud to be able to offer legal advice, counsel and representation in most any area of the law, and to most any client, from individuals to corporations.

Some of our client comments... 

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My family and I have worked with Mr. DiCostanzo and Joanna Feldman over the past 7 years. We recently needed help with a complicated legal matter. We are most pleased with the professional advice we received as well as the care and reassurance that was given to us. ~Carol D and Family
Salvatore, I would like to take the time to thank you. My wife and I are more than pleased with the level of detail that you and your firm have provided over the past years with our Tax Preparations. As to be expected, we were hesitant to switch our previous Tax Preparer after 20+ years of service but, due to small inaccuracies that had potential personal gains, we felt comfortable to bring our business to your firm after the endorsement of our personal Investment Counselor. Our next move with your firm is to start and finalize our Estate Panning. Looking forward to our next meeting. Much Thanks, Michael & Gay
I rarely, if ever, spend valuable time reviewing businesses. I am making an exception for Maker, Fragale & Di Costanzo law firm, the elder care attorneys we retained for my parents' financial planning and medicaid applications. They were outstanding in all aspects, but especially in the respect and compassion they showed my parents, as my mother had significant health issues and limited mobility, while my father suffered from Alzheimers. (read more)~Neil

Elder Law

Elder law is a combination of numerous legal practice areas such as trusts, estates, estate administration, tax, long-term care planning, and special needs planning... more
Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate

Our team seeks to reduce the stress associated with the transaction, by seamlessly handling all aspects of the deal while keeping the client apprised of the status... more


Our commitment and experience to litigation matters is second to none. We work very closely with our clients in order to maximize their economic... more

Tax Certiorari

Tax Certiorari is the process for reducing real estate taxes. The owner of any type of property can utilize tax certiorari to reduce his/her real estate taxes.... more

Maker, Fragale & Di Costanzo, LLP is Completely Dedicated to Client Satisfaction

Every case is treated in a professional and sensitive manner — each situation is unique. 

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